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Tuition and Fees

General Information

A full Graduate Assistantship award includes payment of tuition (resident and non-resident, if applicable). Tuition waivers are posted approximately two weeks before the start of the term.

What's Covered?

A standard waiver covers the total cost of resident tuition and fees as outlined on the Graduate Tuition and Fees Schedule. If a GA is classified as a non-resident of Idaho for tuition purposes, the non-resident tuition is waived by the university.

What Isn't?

Typically items such as textbooks and student ID cards are not included as part of your waiver unless requested by the supporting department or unit. Additional fees such as course fees, internet fees, and lab fees may or may not be covered by your department.

Tuition and fees for self-support courses may or may not be covered under the funding source of the Graduate Assistantship position you’ve applied for. You can find a list of current alternative fee programs on the Student Financials website.

It is recommended to contact your department or unit to learn what fees are covered as part of your assistantship award.


Who do I contact about the remaining fees on my student account?

Tuition and fee waivers will be posted approximately 2 weeks before the start of the term, and before theĀ fee payment deadline. Please note, in the case of a late hire, it may take a few days for the tuition and fee waiver to be posted to your account.

After your waiver has posted to your student account, if you are left with a balance that you feel should be covered as part of your assistantship, please contact your supervisor or department administrator.