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University of Colorado – Pre-Med Course in Emergency and Wilderness Medicine

university of colorado photo for wilderness classWhat are you doing this winter break? Interested in participating in a two-week hands-on Pre-Med course in Emergency and Wilderness Medicine? Join us for our January Pre-Med course! Come explore the great outdoors and learn from physicians who work around the world.  The class, taught by School of Medicine (SOM) faculty, is a backstage pass to the world of medicine. The first week of the class is on the SOM campus in Aurora with a focus on emergency medicine, medical careers, and med school admissions.  It includes lectures, ED shadowing, labs (ultrasound, suturing, cardiac dissection, etc.), and scenarios, as well as talks by SOM Admissions officers and faculty leaders.  The second week is held up at camp up in the Rockies and the focus is on wilderness medicine with snowshoeing and optional nights out in a snow cave.  The class runs from January 2-13, 2019 and you have the opportunity to earn Wilderness First Responder and CPR certifications.