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Ellie Pierce, MS, HRD

Senior Academic Advisor, COHS Student Services and Academic Advising

ellie pierce

Ellie is an academic advisor for the College of Health Science, at Boise State University. She came to work for Boise State as a student worker in 2006. She was later hired as an Administrative Assistant to the School of Social Work in 2007. While working for there, Pierce earned a Bachelor of Arts, Multidisciplinary Studies from Boise State University.

She was promoted to Administrative Assistant II in 2009. In that year, she began serving the School of Social Work as a para-professional academic advisor to Pre-Social Work students during summer Orientations. From 2014 to 2016 she worked to earn her Master of Science Human Resource Development from Idaho State University in 2016. In 2016 Pierce was hired to her current position as an Academic Advisor to Pre-Nursing Students in the College of Health Sciences.

Pierce is also an officer of the Boise State Association of Office Professionals. This organization promotes professional growth for all Boise State professional staff asserting that continuing education is the birthright of all individuals. Boise State Association of Office Professionals provides training and promotes collegiality to all Boise State University professional staff. Ellie is the 2019-2020 Association of Office Professionals Vice President.

“Advising in higher education must encompass opportunities for listening and guiding; nurturing learners’ critical reasoning and ethical thinking skills, providing a safe place to envision academic career trajectories.”

Ellie’s passion for academic advising is founded in her experience of the transformative impact of higher education on learners and society. She loves advising because she has experienced deepened emotional intelligence and greater socio-economic freedom as a direct result of her earning of her degrees. She believes that this uplift is the right and duty of all citizens. She loves seeing students finding paths to their academic mountaintops. She feels joy whenever she hears she’s helped to point them on their way.

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  • Pre-Nursing
  • Pre-Social Work
  • Health Studies BS

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Office: Norco Suite 116
Phone: (208) 426-1675

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