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Pre-Clinical FAQs

Pre-Clinical FAQS

I have already applied to Boise State as a _________ (clinical program here) and I have been admitted. I am in, right?

All undergraduate clinical programs at Boise State University have a separate and required application process for admission consideration.  You will find detailed information on program web pages.  Advisors and Peer Advisors will serve as excellent resources in your efforts to present your application packet for reviews by reviewers.  As all clinical programs have limited capacity for enrollment, your Advising Team is also able to develop parallel plans to meet academic and career goals

Can I include Sonography or MRI or CT into my degree?

Sonography, MRI and CT are advanced modalities.  Applicants to these programs must have been a licensed clinical healthcare provider with an earned degree in their clinical field.  Most students apply to Radiology and graduate with a B.S. in Radiologic Sciences which qualifies them for the national licensing exam.  Our graduates have had a 100% placement rate over the past five years.  At the point of licensure, our graduates are eligible to apply for continuing education in an advanced modality.

How do I strengthen my application to the School of Social Work?

The School of Social Work takes a very comprehensive look at completed application packets.  In addition to transcripts, references and background checks, students are encouraged to use their two essay submissions as a way to demonstrate interest, commitment to social justice, and their knowledge of themselves as well as the field.  Therefore, the addition of volunteerism and coursework in a certificate or minor program that aligns with an applicant’s mission in the field are excellent ways to present a strong application packet.