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Center for Health Policy Researcher to Assist in Idaho Alliance of Leaders in Nursing Survey

Janet Reis, research professor for the College of Health Sciences and the Center for Health Policy, will be the primary investigator on a new contract between the Idaho Alliance of Leaders in Nursing (IALN) and Boise State University’s Center for Health Policy.

The IALN is a charitable organization with a mission to “support nursing scholarship and the accurate collection of nursing workforce data. This is accomplished by collaborating with public and private partners to focus support for nursing workforce advancement.”

The IALN hopes to identify reported barriers to practice for advance practice registered nurses (APRNs) in Idaho and examine how Idaho compares to the results of similar national surveys. The IALN is producing a content valid questionnaire for APRNs and their employers, which will be distributed through Idaho. Reis will review the draft surveys, assist in pilot testing the surveys, assist in preparing the Institutional Review Board application for both surveys, and assist with producing the final report and data analyses.