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Associate Dean for Research

Headshot of Robert WoodRobert H. Wood, PhD

Associate Dean for Research
College of Health Sciences

The Associate Dean for Research Advocates on behalf of the faculty, staff, students, the College of Health Sciences (COHS) and Boise State University to advance the scholarly productivity of the college. The Associate Dean reports to the Dean of the COHS and works closely with the Director of the COHS Office of Research. Together, the Associate Dean and the Director of the Office of Research co-chair the College of Health Science Research Committee.

Who's Who in COHS Research

Take a look at our latest monthly featured scholars highlighting their recent accomplishments. To see an expanded list of previous featured scholars, please visit our Who’s Who webpage.


Graduate Assistantship Application

The College of Health Sciences awards 1- and 2-year graduate assistantships on a competitive basis. Each Fall, the Associate Dean releases a call for applications. Applications are reviewed by the College Research Committee.

Learn more about Graduate Assistantship Application

Mentorship Program

The College of Health Science offers a formal research mentorship program. The program makes use of a model vetted and approved by the National Science Foundation. In addition, the College funds one early career faculty member each year to visit a national level mentor.

Learn more about Mentorship Program

Mock Proposal Reviews

When investigators initiate a grant proposal with the COHS Office of Research, the PI is given the opportunity to request a mock review of the proposal. To be eligible, the PI must first contact the program officer of the sponsor for feedback, and must send their narrative, budget and biosketches (if required) to the Associate Dean for Research no less than two weeks ahead of the deadline. The reviewers will return their comments to the applicant at least 1 week prior to the deadline.

Internal Seed Grants

The College of Health Sciences will consider requests for internal seed grants. In order to be eligible COHS investigators must first attempt to get seed funding from an external source and provide their application and results of their review to the Associate Dean.



One the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month, the Office of Research invites guests to speak on various topics during the seminar portion from 2-3pm. From 3-4pm, there is a social to follow.

For remote faculty and students or faculty and students from other institutions, they can email university for a zoom link.

For information on this week’s presenters and location, select the “Explore upcoming seminar” button.

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Research Calendar

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