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Call for Applications: Bayada Award for Technological Innovation in Nursing Education and Practice

The BAYADA Award for Technological Innovation in Nursing Education and Practice was created in 2004 to acknowledge nurses who have made a significant contribution to nursing education or practice via the development and/or adoption of a new technology. Drexel University is proud to show annual support to nurse pioneers who pave the way for the next generation in patient care.


Two $10,000 Cash Prizes

• One $10,000 prize will be awarded to a nursing educator or a practicing nurse whose innovation leads to improved nursing education and student outcomes.

• One $10,000 prize will be given to a nurse educator or practicing nurse whose innovation leads to improved patient care and patient care outcomes.

• The awards will be presented at the annual Drexel University Nursing Education Institute (DUNEI) conference.

The winners must be present to accept the awards; travel expenses will be paid.

The judges will consider the technology’s innovativeness and its impact on nursing education or direct patient care. The innovation must be new and be in use for six months or longer prior to submission of application. Applications must be submitted under one of the two categories listed below.

The categories for submission include:

Nursing education (both didactic and clinical):

• Innovation may be related to curriculum delivery methods; improving student clinical competency, and efficiency.

• Examples include: developing a software program that assists nursing students with collection of patient data and the creation of an electronic nursing care plan.


Patient care:

• Innovation may be related to improving efficiency of patient care delivery; preventing errors in patient care or improving outcomes.

• Examples include: using current technology/equipment to develop a new way to monitor patient assessment data, alerting staff of status change; developing new technological tools to assess patients; decision support tools.

Be sure to include information regarding the impact of the innovation in your nomination narrative.

All submissions will be blinded (identities of the nominees and their institutions removed) and reviewed for merit by a panel of Drexel University nursing and technology faculty.

Resubmissions are welcome.

Submission deadline: March 2, 2015