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A Sneak Peek: Grantsmanship
If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the application process, we’ve got you covered! Watch these short videos, and get the scoop.

Our experienced researchers break down the requirements and will give you the confidence to submit for the next cycle! If your time is limited, stream the video for an hour on your lunch break, or a brief 30 minutes in-between classes! Both early (including graduate students) and seasoned investigators are welcomed to watch! Below are two examples of the courses we offer.

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Curtis Noonan

[one_half]Presenter: Curtis Noonan
Director of Pilot Grants – MW CTR-IN.
Topic: Pilot grant basics including specifics of the application process itself.

C. William Balke

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Presenter: C. Willliam Balke
Topic: seeking grants from several funding agencies: NIH, VA, and private foundations.
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