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Seeking Submissions for “The Academic Minute”

Boise State University received the following invitation from WAMC Northeast Public Radio and the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U). If you need assistance positioning  or framing your research for national relevance and a radio show audience, please contact In any case, please let Kathleen know you submitted your idea to this show. Thank you.

The Academic Minute, a daily show produced by WAMC Northeast Public Radio in partnership with AAC&U. The Academic Minute features faculty and researchers from colleges and universities around the world, discussing what’s new in the academy and the ways in which academic research contributes to serving the public good. In addition to being broadcast widely on radio stations around the country, each segment is posted daily on Inside Higher Ed and across The Academic Minute’s and AAC&U’s social media portals.

The Academic Minute team is seeking submissions for upcoming segments, and is particularly interested in research related to several specific themes:

  • For Halloween, the show plans to explore unexplained historical mysteries such as Jack the Ripper, Oak Island, and others and invite submissions related to this theme.
  • During election week, the show will focus on topics of particular interest during this election season, including political brainwashing, the Electoral College, and political geography and financial accounting. The show is seeking additional submissions to complement these scheduled segments.
  • For Thanksgiving, the show is planning to explore gratitude and is seeking research that touches on this topic.

Whether or not your research focuses on these or other topics, you are invited to submit it for possible inclusion in this daily syndicated segment.

Please send submissions to David Hopper at WAMC looks forward to hearing from you and appreciates your considering this opportunity for public engagement.