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Who’s Who in COHS Research

Take a look through our list of monthly featured scholars highlighting their recent accomplishments.

Headshot of Luke Montrose

Luke Montrose

Assistant Professor
Public Health and Population Sciences, Boise State University

Luke  recently co-authored a manuscript entitled, “Simulated Wildfire Smoke Significantly Alters Sperm DNA Methylation Patterns in a Murine Model.” This work reflects a collaboration between investigators here at Boise State with others from Northeastern University in Boston, and Brigham Young in Utah. The paper, published in Toxics 2021, 9(9), suggests that paternal reproductive risks are possible with prolonged  wildfire smoke exposure. 

Click here to access Montrose’s manuscript.

JhaymieJhaymie Cappiello faculty photo L Cappiello, MS RRT-Accs

Clinical Assistant Professor
Respiratory Therapy, Boise State University

Jhaymie coauthored a recently published manuscript in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Surgery. The paper titled “Inhaled Pulmonary Vasodilator Therapy in Adult Lung Transplant A Randomized Clinical Trial” demonstrates the efficacy of a low-cost vasodilator in protecting tissue in patients having undergone lung transplant.

Click here to download a PDF of Cappiello’s published manuscript.