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Simulation Center

The Simulation Center is an accredited state-of-the-art facility that gives learners the opportunity to participate in designed learning activities in a safe, controlled environment. In addition to the Simulation Center suite, learners have access to a 12-bed practice lab.

What is Simulation?

Our Simulation Lab provides students with an immersive, realistic clinical experience in a low-risk environment. These learning experiences allow them to improve clinical skills, reduce medical errors, and develop confidence in practice. Participating students can interact with high-fidelity manikins or standardized patients; actors modeling specific conditions or playing family member roles. During a simulation, non-participating students and faculty members observe and prepare for the post-simulation debriefing. Throughout the debrief, faculty and students discuss the scenario, the participating student(s) performance, what went well, and things to improve moving forward.


Society for Simulation in Healthcare Accredited Program: Research and Teaching/Education

The 2020 Simulation Team

Our highly-qualified simulation team works tirelessly behind the scenes to provide hands-on learning experiences for our students, and prepare them to effectively provide care in a variety of nursing roles.

College of Health Sciences

The College of Health Sciences strives to provide high quality, affordable, relevant education to its students and the campus community through health-related initiatives and resources. The college believes that students can learn more from each other through interprofessional education learning opportunities to advance life-long health in global communities. Below is the list of schools, resources, and initiatives housed in the College of Health Sciences.

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