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About the Simulation Center

Our mission is to provide experiential learning and research opportunities for learners and faculty using state of the art technologies and best practices in simulation education. To promote the use of simulation in health science education to meet the needs for collaboration, communication and teamwork resulting in improved care, enhanced safety, and reduction of human error.

The Simulation Center utilizes multiple high and mid fidelity manikins (adult, pediatric, and maternity/infant) and is fully interactive with real time patient data (vital signs, cardiac monitoring, and respiratory status) equipment and displays at the bedside. The six-room simulation center has a central “nurse’s station” similar to those found in acute care institutions. The simulation center also houses simulation debriefing rooms, full audio-visual capabilities, and flat screen monitors.

Floor plan of Simulation Center - Norco building room 340

Tour a Simulation Room

In our individual simulation rooms, students develop real-time decision-making skills in controlled scenarios with manikins and standardized patients. Here, our students practice interacting with distressed or restless patients, concerned family, and other healthcare team members, all while helping identify and treat underlying medical concerns.

Click ‘Play’, then click and drag inside the video or use the navigation dial in the top left to take a virtual tour.

Tour the Practice Lab

Our practice lab includes several beds for several patients or manikins. Here, our students work together and closely observe their classmates and instructors to learn essential nursing skills. This is where our students learn technical skills such as intubation, organ system checks, and cardiovascular resuscitation.

Click ‘Play’, then click and drag inside the video or use the navigation dial in the top left to take a virtual tour.


We have designed the Boise State simulation center to bring our students as close to the real experience as possible. In addition to high-fidelity manikins, our center is equipped with:

  • Functioning headwalls
  • Hospital beds
  • Gurney
  • Birthing bed
  • Infant warmer
  • IV pumps, mini-infusers, feeding pumps, thermometers, oximeters, etc.
  • Limited crash cart
  • Large variety of disposable supplies