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Welcome to the School of Nursing

At Boise State University School of Nursing, we prepare nursing students to provide caring, holistic and quality nursing services to diverse populations while also facilitating the development of leadership and interprofessional skills. Our experienced faculty and dedicated staff are focused on academic excellence, high-touch student services, meaningful scholarly pursuits and engagement with our nursing community.

– Shelle Poole, PhD, PMP, MBB
Divisional Dean

Welcoming a New School of Nursing Leadership Team

portraits of shelle poole (left) and jayne josephsen (right)
On left, Dr. Shelle Poole, PhD, PMP, MBB, Divisional Dean and Clinical Associate Professor.

On right, Dr. Jayne Josephsen, EdD, RN, CCCTM, CHPN, Associate Divisional Dean, Chief Nurse Administrator and Professor.


I am pleased to welcome our new School of Nursing Divisional Dean and Clinical Associate Professor Dr. Shelle Poole, PhD, PMP, MBB and new Associate Divisional Dean/Chief Nurse Administrator and Professor Dr. Jayne Josephsen, EdD, RN, CCCTM, CHPN.

Dr. Ann Hubbert has recently retired as our Divisional Dean. We are lucky enough to have her work on special projects within the School of Nursing while this transition takes place. Her employment in this role will last until mid-October of 2020. As Dean, I want to extend a heart-felt thanks for all she has done as the leader in nursing.

Dr. Poole has been a part of the Boise State faculty since 2013 and has been the Associate Divisional Dean for the School of Nursing this past year. Dr. Poole brings extensive knowledge and expertise in organizational leadership and strategic management. In her career, Dr. Poole has focused on leading business improvements, organizational design, and transformational leadership. She has led multiple pan-enterprise initiatives and has worked in innovation incubator teams. While at Boise State she has taught across several departments and has also received several faculty awards.

Dr. Poole has significant training in organizational leadership, receiving her PhD in Adult Development and Organizational Leadership from the University of Idaho and her master’s in Organizational Leadership from George Fox University. Dr. Poole has acted as a business consultant in a variety of venues and brings over 20 years of business leadership experience to the School of Nursing. Dr. Poole brings a depth of knowledge to the School of Nursing as a leadership expert with a passion for meeting Idaho’s nursing workforce needs. Given her diverse skills she is the perfect candidate to lead a school of nursing when health care moves from a fee for service to value based care. In her free time, Dr. Poole enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and gardening.

Dr. Josephsen has been faculty in the School of Nursing since 2006. Dr. Josephsen is nationally certified in care coordination and transition management and hospice and palliative care nursing. Dr. Josephsen brings extensive knowledge and expertise in curriculum development, accreditation, and the ongoing transition to value-based healthcare. Dr. Josephsen’s research focus has been in metacognition, cognitive load theory, and simulation-based learning. Dr. Josephsen has a productive record of dissemination and was co-principal investigator for the Statewide Health Innovation Program Grant for the State of Idaho’s evaluation team. Additionally, Dr. Josephsen brings many years of experience working in a variety of social and human services, with diverse client populations.

Dr. Josephsen has significant training in curriculum and education, receiving her EdD in curriculum and instruction from Boise State University and her Master’s in nursing education from Idaho State University. Dr. Josephsen brings expertise in distance learning, curriculum development, and a passion for developing nurses who can deliver excellent care across the continuum of care and settings. Her nursing, educational and research skills partnered with Dr. Pool’s business, organizational and teaching expertise make for a dynamic leadership team in nursing. In her free time, Dr. Josephsen enjoys bike riding and spending time with her grandchildren and corgis.

I know Dr. Poole and Dr. Josephsen are looking forward to working with our community partners to develop innovative solutions in nursing education to meet Idaho’s nursing and health care needs. Please join Boise State’s College of Health Sciences and the School of Nursing in welcoming our new Divisional Leadership Team.


Tim Dunnagan
College of Health Sciences
Boise State University


Boise State University School of Nursing is excited to share our official CCNE reaccreditation! Our Baccalaureate, Masters, and Doctoral programs have all been approved for accreditation through 2030. Thank you to our supportive students and community partners!

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