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Boise State Faculty Seeks Ways to Reduce Deaths from Carbon Monoxide Emissions

Dale Stephenson

Most people know that too much carbon monoxide in an enclosed space will kill a human being. When asked to think of a common object that emits carbon monoxide, many people think of motor vehicles.  But what about the emissions from boats?  In 2006, a family died from carbon monoxide poisoning while on their boat at Dworshak Reservoir.   Could their deaths have been prevented if boat emissions were more regulated or if people had a higher awareness of boat emissions?   Dale Stephenson, director of the Center for the Excellence for Environmental Health and Safety and the Environmental and Occupational Health program, thinks so.  He and his students are conducting research to determine just how hazardous the carbon monoxide emissions from various motorboats are to users.  Their summer research project was featured in the Idaho Business Review; read the full story on Boise State Update.