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Center for Health Policy Graduate Research Assistant Authors Two Submissions to Peer-Reviewed Journal

The Center for Health Policy has been utilizing graduate students to help with the center’s projects. To assist in disseminating the data the center has collected, the center hired Elsa Howard, a Master of Health Science student, as a graduate research assistant to help write manuscripts for publication, which supports the College of Health Sciences’ strategic initiative to increase graduate student refereed publications. This fall Howard helped author two manuscripts that were submitted to peer-reviewed journals and are now pending acceptance.

Sandina Begic, project manager and researcher for the center, Howard, and Tedd McDonald, director of the Master of Health Science program and senior researcher for the center, authored and submitted “Adults’ Alcohol Consumption Behavior and Support for Restrictions on Youth-Oriented Alcohol Advertisements” as an invited submission to the Journal of Addictive Behaviors, Therapy and Rehabilitation.

McDonald, Erica Chown and Jordan Tabb, former undergraduate research assistants for the center, Amy Schaeffer, a former graduate research assistant for the center, and Howard authored and submitted “The Impact of Volunteering on Seniors’ Health and Quality of Life: An Assessment of the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program” as an invited submission to a special issue on applied psychology in the journal Psychology.

The Center for Health Policy staff are thankful for Howard’s assistance and hope to submit two more manuscripts for publication this spring as Howard continues her work with the center.