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Boise State’s Pre-Veterinary Program Named One of Top 10 Pre-Vet Colleges by Vet Tech Colleges

Vet Tech Colleges named Boise State University one of the 10 top pre-vet colleges. Vet Tech Colleges noted that most pre-vet students at Boise State earn a bachelor of science degree in biology, and take coursework focused on biology, chemistry, physics and zoology. An agreement between Boise State and University of Washington makes 11 seats available to qualified Idaho pre-vet students each year. Regardless of the agreement, competition for seats in any veterinary programs remains intense.

Vet Tech Colleges commended the program’s three advisors, who help students develop a course of study and who recommend that students gain experience working with animals during their undergraduate studies. The Pre-Vet Club, which offers students opportunities to gain such experience and to learn more about the veterinary field outside of the classroom, was also listed in Vet Tech Colleges’ summary of the Boise State program.

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Other universities on the Vet Tech Colleges’ list include the University of Findlay, University of Kentucky, University of Hawaii, New Mexico State, University of Wisconsin, Augustana College, University of Connecticut, Bowling Green State and North Dakota State.