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Health Initiative Provides Assistance for Healthy Employees

As part of the Bronco Fit initiative, employees have been busy participating in health programs on campus. More and more options in University Health Services are becoming available to employees, with medical, counseling, and wellness staff all providing services.

Employees have full access to the health center on campus. Health Services offers both walk-in and scheduled appointments. Faculty and staff are able to receive primary care and urgent care services, as well as medical massage, individual and group counseling, and more.

Employee-only wellness classes for the spring term include “Stretch and Tone,” a group walk, and “The First Step,” a coaching and support group for those looking to be active. These free classes are each offered one day a week, on different days, during the noon hour throughout the term.

Wellness Services also hosts a challenge each semester. The “5-a-Day Fruit and Vegetable Challenge,” the most successful one so far, will be offered again, starting in Feb.

Health Services has contracted with a local company, Preventative Health, that offers health screening and vaccination services in the Treasure Valley to administer wellness screenings to employees on campus throughout the year. The wellness screening allows participants to learn their values on a number of biometric tests, including cholesterol, blood glucose and blood pressure. They are also able to talk to a nurse practitioner during their appointment, and they receive a full report with all of their biometric values and a recommendation of when to follow up with their primary care provider. More than 500 employees have already taken advantage of this opportunity.

One hundred and eighteen people joined the Boise State friends and family team for the Fit One race on Sept. 26. The team was the second largest at the event.

Programming and positive results is expected to increase as Bronco Fit progresses and expands.