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Health Services Staff Receives FC2 Mini-Grant

Studio portrait of Lauren Baines.

Lauren Baines, health educator for Health Services, has been approved for an FC2 grant which provides Health Services with 300 free FC2 female condoms and FC2 outreach materials.

Health Services has distributed female condoms in the past, but much less regularly than male condoms because they are more expensive. With this mini-grant, Health Services hopes to give students options that work for their lifestyle and will protect them from sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies. Having both male and female condoms available allows people to choose what will work best for them.

Health Services provides free condoms and educational materials at the check-in and check-out areas as well as in each patient exam room. Also, several campus partners such as the Gender Equity Center has male and female condoms available in their waiting area. In addition, select residence halls have condoms available for purchase.

The Female Health Company (FHC) manufactures, markets, and sells the FC2 female condom. FC2 is the only female-controlled product approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and cleared by the World Health Organization that provides dual protection against unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Learn more about and how to use the FC2 female condom online.

Baines has served as a health educator for Health Services since 2013. While earning her bachelor’s degree in psychology and philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh, she served as a peer educator for both Health Services and the University Counseling Center. Baines is a certified health education specialist and has a master’s of public health from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Her favorite aspect of her job is working with students to ensure they have a healthful experience at Boise State.

Health Services supports the educational mission of Boise State University by providing convenient, accessible and high quality healthcare to the campus community. They provide a wide range of comprehensive and integrated services to students, faculty, staff and their dependents at their clinic on campus. Their vision is to create America’s healthiest learning environment.