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Jon Larkin Appointed to the St Luke’s Treasure Valley Community Board

Jon Larkin

Jon Larkin, senior director of development and external affairs for the College of Health Sciences, was recently appointed to the St. Luke’s Treasure Valley Community Board as a representative for the College of Health Sciences.

The St Luke’s Treasure Valley Community Board is made up of community directors from the Treasure Valley. These members are dedicated to the people of southern Idaho and volunteer their time to guarantee access to the most developed health care possible. As stated in the charter for this board, the board “provides insight into local community health needs and functions as the primary link between the mission of St. Luke’s Health System, Ltd., and the Treasure Valley community.”

As a member, Larkin provides a liaison from Boise State University College of Health Sciences to this community effort and will help to better align the College’s programs and strategic plan with the health and wellness needs of Idaho.

According to St. Luke’s Health Systems, “St. Luke’s believes that locally governed hospitals can take the best measure of community health care needs. We are grateful to our board leadership for giving generously of their time and talents and bringing to the table their unique perspectives and intimate knowledge of their communities. St. Luke’s would not be the organization it is today without our volunteer board members. The vision of dedicated community leaders has guided St. Luke’s for many decades, and will continue to guide us well into the future.”

Larkin also sits on the Community Relations Committee for SelectHealth in which he is a voting member on community interaction and health intervention sponsorship and strategies for Idaho.