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Leslie Kendrick Presents Research in Peru

Leslie Kendrick, Radiologic Services, faculty/staff, studio portrait, photo by Priscilla Grover

Leslie Kendrick, associate professor and chair for the Department of Radiologic Sciences, was invited to present at the annual conference, VIII Congreso Internacional De Tecnologia Medica in Lima, Peru on Feb. 22-23.

The conference brings together medical technologists from six different areas, including pathological anatomy, physical therapy and rehabilitation, radiology, occupational therapy, language therapy, and optometry. Technologists in these areas are represented either through universities, or companies of clinical laboratories. Attendees of the conference present research and share study results to further these areas of healthcare.  

Kendrick gave two presentations while in Lima: her first presentation, MRI DTI Anisotropy Measurements and Blood Protein Analysis Studies Related to Repetitive Head Impacts” outlined a collaborative research study between the Boise State Departments of Radiology, Computer Science, Kinesiology and the St. Luke’s Health System. The study examined the impacts of concussions on children’s brains who participate in youth sports. Researchers measured the changes in the flow of fluid across white matter tracts in the brain before and after a youth football season. The results supported the research team to continue working on studying other aspects of the brain associated with sports related concussions to determine the severity of the impacts youth sport injuries have on the brain.

Leslie standing with other members of the conference in Peru

“Radiographic Parameter Changes When Using Analog, CR and DR Imaging Systems” was  Kendrick’s second presentation and provided attendees with a demonstration on the continued relevance of foundational radiographic principles across all imaging platforms.

Kendrick was invited to the conference as a result of the success found behind the textbook she co-authors, “Bontrager’s Textbook of Radiographic Positioning and Related Anatomy and other instructional materials.” Her co-author is John Lampignano, visiting scholar for the Department of Radiologic Sciences. Both authors have also attended the Congreso Internacional de Integración en Radiologia e Imagenologia conference in Acapulco, Mexico on Nov. 8-9, 2018 to share corresponding research as a result of the textbook.

Kendrick and her family sitting at machu picchu
Kendrick and her family were also able to visit Machu Picchu while in Peru.