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Casa de Esperanza Internship Applications are Open

Casa de Esperanza is a non-profit organization located in Houston, Texas. They provide residential care to children who are in crisis due to abuse, neglect, or the effects of HIV.  They are currently looking for interns to help provide care in their residential neighborhood by Hands of Hope House Parents.  Selected applicants, most of whom are recent college graduates, will join Casa de Esperanza for a year of service– a twelve-month full-time post-graduation service year.  Applicants wishing to complete shorter service are considered on a case by case basis.  They provide on-site housing (House Parents live with the children they are caring for) and House Parents join from all over the United States to be part of this internship program.

More information about the internship may be found on the Casa de Esperanza website.

Applications are currently being accepted for the winter, spring, and summer 2021 start dates and applicants may indicate their desired start date on their application. Applications are accepted and processed on a rolling basis.

House Parents in this program gain valuable experience that is relevant to a number of fields and future career goals while simultaneously making a meaningful difference in the lives of a vulnerable group of children.