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Reyes accepted into the American Society of Radiologic Technologists program

Headshot of Serena Reyes

Serena Reyes, a first-generation student in the Department of Radiologic Sciences has been accepted into the American Society of Radiologic Technologists Student to Leadership Development program.

The program is a three year long opportunity to network with professionals in medical imaging radiation therapy, meet with corporate sponsors, attend educational classes and sessions, and to get to know the ASRT. Applicants must be a student member in both ASRT and their individual state affiliate with proof of their membership, write an original essay, and complete an online application. They must also provide a letter of recommendation from their program director – which, for Reyes, was Cathrine Masters, Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Radiologic Sciences.

“I personally would like to thank Catherine Masters for her time and support in providing me this wonderful opportunity,” Reyes said.

ASRT hosts a yearly governance meeting, where delegates from all over the country come together to discuss and make decisions to determine the shape of the ASRT and of the Radiologic Sciences profession. In addition to voting, meetings are held to let professionals know what topics and challenges they may have to face, and the ASRT’s chief executive officer and executive director talks about the successes in the field from the past year, what the plan is for the future, and what professionals should expect in the next year.

Serena Reyes and Honors Group Photo
Serena Reyes, seen second from right, poses with other members of ASRT

There is also an educational symposium program just for students, where experts from different fields present about their particular work and discuss their careers with the students. The fields consisted of general interest, mammography, computed tomography, and management, among other topics.

Reyes says that with her attendance to this meeting, she has made many friends and networking opportunities from different places in the country, and has been able to meet and connect with multiple corporate sponsors.

“I never knew all of the doors that would open for me when applying to the diagnostic radiology program a couple years ago,” said Reyes, “but it was one of the most positive life changing experiences I could ever experience.”

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