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Ruth E. Kiehl Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Zach and Luara Kiehl
Laura and Zach Kiehl

The story of Zach and Laura Kiehl has touched the lives of many on the Boise State campus. Their contributions to the School of Nursing as donors and the deep relationships they have formed with students, faculty, and staff are only a fraction of what makes this family so inspiring to the campus community.

Their story began in August 2017 when they became pregnant with their first child. After a complicated pregnancy, Ruth Elizabeth Kiehl was born at 33 weeks gestation. Her birth came after 11 weeks of bed rest and multiple hospital visits where Zach and Laura were supported by a fantastic team of nursing staff. While Ruth was believed to be healthy at birth, she passed away unexpectedly just hours later.

Following the loss of their daughter, Zach and Laura turned their grief into something beautiful. Inspired by the care they received during their pregnancy with Ruth, Zach and Laura established the Ruth E. Kiehl Memorial Nursing Scholarship for Boise State School of Nursing students.

The Ruth E. Kiehl Memorial Scholarship was established to honor the legacy of their daughter and the impact her short life had on their family and those who cared for her. As new donors to the Boise State School of Nursing, Zach and Laura were thrilled to have an opportunity to recognize their daughter and the diligent efforts of their nursing staff by choosing to pay their generosity forward. Zach and Laura were honored at the Spring 2018 Nursing Convocation Ceremony to recognize their scholarship contribution. Little did they know, the day after the ceremony, Laura was to find out she was pregnant with their second child, Theodore Alexander Kiehl, a.k.a Teddy.

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