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Event Manners and Etiquette Video Transcript

Speaker: When some people hear the words manners or etiquette they think about rules they blindly have to follow. At their core, manners
are about being polite and respectful to people around you. We created this video to help polish you up for an upcoming event.

Text on screen: Boise State University Advancement

Speaker: You’ve been invited. Now what?

Text on screen: Event Preparation

Speaker: Registering or RSVP-ing, even if it’s a no, is important. It helps the host organize the event.

Speaker: Wondering what to wear? Here are some examples of how to dress for success around alumni, donors and employers.

Split screen shows what not to wear: Male in shorts, t-shirt and sneakers; Female in jeans, tank top, and sneakers.

Split screen changes to show what you should wear: Male in slacks, dress shirt and tie; Female in a knee length dress with sleeves and a crew neck.

Speaker: Don’t forget to arrive at least five minutes early. That’ll give you time to check in, get your name tag, and get started with confidence.

Speaker: Now that you’re at the event, here’s some table protocol.

Text on screen: Table Protocol.

Speaker: Even if you don’t practice formal table manners at home, you should be able to behave properly at formal events. These table manners will help you stay on point through the whole meal.

Visual: Male opens cloth napkin and sets it on his knee under the table.

Speaker: Many people can be intimidated by the plate setting. Just remember to work from the outside in.

Visual: Place setting with two forks on left of plate, one spoon above plate, and knife and spoon to right of plate. Number 1 appears by far left fork, number 2 appears by far right spoon, number 3 appears by fork closest to plate, number 4 appears by knife.

Speaker: Wait for everyone else to be served before you start eating.

Speaker: Here are some tips for engaging with others.

Text on Screen: Engaging Conversations

Speaker: Be present. Participate in the conversation and don’t check your cell phone. Turn it off so it won’t cause an interruption.

Speaker: Be engaged. Be prepared to answer questions with more than a yes or a no.

Speaker: Listen and connect with other guests. Make the conversation happen. Ask other people about their experiences.

Speaker: These have been some manners and etiquette tips to help you enjoy formal events.

Text on screen: Boise State University Advancement