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You’re Invited! Vaughn Scholarship Celebration Transcript

Hi! My name is Lynda Ransdell. I’m the chair of the Department of Kinesiology here at Boise State University. Scholarships are a really important part of what we do because they enable students to focus solely on school, and finish their degree in a much faster period of time. I’ve seen firsthand the impact that scholarships can have on our students. Our largest endowed scholarship to date is named after Dr Ross Vaughn. Ross Vaughn was a long time member of the Department of Kinesiology, he served as chair, and he was an associate Dean. This scholarship is celebrating its 10th year in existence and we have funded 36 students to date with this scholarship. To honor the success of the scholarship, we’re planning a fantastic event for Saturday October 7th from 4 to 6 pm. Join us for a pre-game celebration and Buffet. We’ve invited our faculty, alumni, friends, and students to recognize those who made this scholarship possible and connect with the first generation of Vaughn Scholars. We will continue the festivities by going to the stadium to watch our Broncos give San Jose State University a slice of humble pie. Thanks to all of you who have supported this scholarship and were instrumental in founding it. Our students are better off because of your thoughtful contributions, and your impact will continue because the scholarship is endowed. We hope to see you on Saturday October 7th, take care, and go Broncos!