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Savannah Canova

Savannah uses remote sensing to understand the spatio-temporal relationship between human development and wildfire in sagebrush ecosystems. 


Savannah Canova

Research Mentor, Human-Environment Systems



Education / Academic background

BS Biology, Zoology emphasis; Boise State University


Research Interests 

disturbance ecology | ecosystem restoration | wildlife conservation | decision-making | population ecology | veterinary medicine | animal behavior | animal physiology and nutrition



Dr. Megan E. Cattau


Current Research

In the Cattau lab, Savannah mentors a team of undergraduate students in analysing wildfire dynamics from a social-ecological perspective. She uses geospatial techniques on large scale datasets to develop a multilayered understanding of the drivers and exposure to fire hazards in the Snake River Plan.



Graduate Fellow Research Award, Remote Opportunities for Authentic Research (ROAR) (2020)

Student Authentic Research Experience (SARE) fellow (2020)

Undergraduate Research fellowship through Dr.Jennifer Forbey, Boise State University (2020)