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Prospective Students

Welcome to Human-Environment Systems!

We are a vibrant and growing research and learning community of faculty and students dedicated to a transdisciplinary approach to better understanding, and helping solve, the critical environmental challenges our time. We are particularly focused on systems-level understanding of that is inclusive of biophysical and social elements. We apply this approach to a suite of problems including climate change, deforestation, pollution, biodiversity and habitat loss. We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about what we do.

Prospective Graduate Students

Our graduate students come from a variety of backgrounds extending across the physical and biological, and social sciences. You can learn more about our current graduate students here. Our students participate in a variety of degree programs across campus, including the PhD programs in Ecology, Evolution and Behavior (PhD)Geosciences (PhD), and Public Policy (PhD) and Masters-level programs in Hydrologic Sciences (Masters)Biology (Masters), and Geosciences (Masters). We are always looking for talented and motivated students to join our community. We have a variety of mechanisms to support competitive applicants.

Current Graduate Student Opportunities:

If our Human-Environmental Systems program sounds exciting, new opportunities arise all the time! We encourage you to reach out directly to faculty that you are most interested in as potential advisers and mentors. You can find those faculty by exploring our PROJECTS or going directly to our FACULTY page.

Undergraduate Engagement

Undergraduate students engage with our community through our COURSES and through research experiences with our faculty. If you are interested research opportunities, explore our FACULTY and contact them directly.