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Fall 2022 Billing FAQ

Where do I go to make a payment?

You’ll need to log into your my.BoiseState account to begin. Once you are logged in, on the right side of the screen there should be an accordion with one of the options being Student Center. Select the Student Center and then select Make a Payment in Student Financials. This should bring you to the page to submit your payment. Please watch out for pop-up blockers and if the page is not loading, try clearing your cookies or using a different browser.

How do I set up automatic payments?

First, you will want to log into your my.BoiseState account and select Student View. From there, click Student Center under the Services menu on the right-hand side. Once you are in your Student Center, select the box that says Student Financials and choose Enroll in Payment Plan from the options on the left side of the Payment Processing page. Out of the available options that will be displayed, you will want to select the Fall 2022 option. A new tab or window will then open. If nothing happens, please check your device for any popups or cookies.

Select View Payment Plan options, select which option you would prefer, and then press Enroll to start your payment plan. To complete the process, you’ll need to accept the e-signature and conditions. There will also be a $30 processing fee that must be paid before the payment plan can take effect.

It may take 24 hours for the payment plan to update. If you have any questions, contact Student Financials at for assistance.

Can I pay with a check?

Yes, you can pay for housing with a check. Please include the student ID number in the memo so we know to who the check belongs. Checks should be made out to Housing and Residence Life and should be sent to:

1910 University Dr. Rm. 101

Boise, ID, 83725-1246

When will my dining fees be posted?

We anticipate that dining charges will be added to your account on July 1st. Your housing and dining fees will be combined into the same installment plan. The semester charge for housing is named University Residence Hall Charge and dining is named Meal Plan Residence Hall.

Why is there a charge for both dining and housing as well as five different Housing Installment Charges?

The University Residence Hall Charge is showing you the amount for housing alone and the Meal Plan Residence Hall charge is for the meal plan. If you add those two together and then divide them by five, it equals the amount for each Housing Installment Charge. Either you can pay for the University Residence Hall Charge and Meal Plan Residence Hall charge upfront OR you can use the five installments option. If you have any more questions about billing, contact us at or (208) 447-1001.

When will my down payment be applied to my housing charges?

The $100 down payment you paid when you applied for housing will be disbursed throughout your 5 fall installments.

I’m using financial aid to pay for housing and that won’t be applied to my account until after July 25th. Am I going to receive a late fee?

If you are using financial aid to help pay for your housing and dining fees, it won’t be released to you until after July 25th. <i=em>Don’t worry, you won’t be charged late fees for the July 25th payment. It is important for you to contact the Financial Aid office to confirm you’ve finished everything in order to receive your aid. Utilize the Bottom Line Estimator to calculate your aid that will be covering the total cost of your housing and dining fees.

What if I’m using the G.I. Bill or a Parent Plus Loan to help pay for housing?

We understand that it can take a while for these aids to be applied to your account. Contact our Housing Business Office if you are using the G.I. Bill or a Parent Plus Loan so you are not charged any late fees.

I can’t afford to pay for housing on my own and currently don’t have any financial aid, who can I talk to about resources?

Housing partners with the Dean of Students Office in order to provide support and resources to Boise State students. If you are in this situation contact

Are there any additional charges that need to be paid before I move in?

No additional housing charges will be posted to your account before you move in.

Can I pay for the full year now?

Our billing is by semester. At this time, only the Fall 2022 semester charges are available on your account. Spring billing will be available the first week of December, with the first payment due by December 25th.

Why am I paying for housing now when I haven’t even moved in yet?

Rooms are billed by the semester. Instead of having students pay for the full academic year upfront, we break down your cost into ten installments. Five installments for the Fall and five installments for the Spring. The first payment is due by July 25th and the last payment is due on April 25th. Note that these installments are not monthly rent.

I am the student’s parent/guardian and I am helping them pay for housing. Why am I not receiving the bill?

According to FERPA laws, we can only send information about a student’s housing assignment and billing to the student. Your student is able to add you as a payer. To do so, they need to go to Make a Payment in the Student Center. Make a Payment will then open in a new tab or window. Then select My Account. Under Payers click on the plus sign next to + Send a payer invitation. You’ll then need to fill in the required information before sending the invite.