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July 2022 Billing FAQ

When will billing be posted to my account? Am I allowed to pay in installments or do I have to pay for the semester in full?

Billing was posted onto students accounts on July 1. You have the option of either paying in full for the semester or paying in installments. If you would like to pay in installments, visit our Fall 2022 Billing FAQ for instructions on how to sign up.

The first installment for the fall semester is due on July 25. After this due date, each installment will be due on the 25th of each month if you choose to pay in installments. If you are running into issues making a payment, contact the Student Financials Office at for assistance.

What is the last day to cancel my housing and avoid a cancellation fee?

The last day to cancel and avoid a cancellation fee is July 14. At this time if you cancel your down payment will be forfeited. The last day to cancel and receive your down payment back was June 14.

If you cancel after July 14, you will receive a $300 cancellation fee. If you are trying to cancel your housing and are running into trouble using the Housing Portal, contact our office at from your student email account and we can cancel it on your behalf.

If I cancelled my intent to enroll, do I still need to cancel with housing?

We recommend still reaching out to our office to let us know that you are no longer attending Boise State University. You can cancel your  housing by visiting your Housing Portal and selecting the completed application or reaching out to our office from your student email account.

I wanted a single room, but was assigned to a double. Why was I assigned to a double and is there a way to move to a single?

We have a limited amount of single rooms available on campus. Single rooms are on a first-come-first-serve basis, which means that we cannot assign every student who requested one to a single room. You can submit a request to be moved to a single room by emailing us at, but note that we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate this request. At this time, we are at full capacity for on-campus housing and have limited mobility when it comes to changing assignments.

How do I sign up for a meal plan?

All first year students will be automatically assigned to the Trailblazer meal plan for this upcoming academic year. To request to change you meal plan, contact either the Information Desk ( or Boise State Dining ( for assistance.

I am still on the waitlist for on-campus housing, what are my chances of getting into housing?

Unfortunately, we are unable to predict the chances of getting into on-campus housing. Getting students off the waitlist into on-campus housing is based on the amount of spaces become available over the course of the remainder of the summer. There is no accurate way to predict how many spaces will become available or when they will become available. Our waitlist will remain open through the 10th day of classes in the event that we have some students who end up not moving into their assignment. After the 10th day of classes, if we are still unable to provide on-campus housing your down payment will automatically be refunded back to the card that made the payment.

We also recommend taking a look at some off-campus options in the event that we cannot provide on-campus housing. There are several apartments in the area that are geared towards accommodating college students. We recommend checking out our off-campus marketplace for further information and to link you to College Pads, whom we partner with. The Facebook page for each graduating year is also a great place to look for off-campus housing. We understand that this can be stressful, so reach out with any questions you have to or (208) 447-1001.

I need to move into my dorm earlier than August 18. How do I request that?

Our Early Arrival form is currently available from now to August 1. In the form, list the date you’re requesting to move in and why you need to move in early. If we are able to your request, we will notify you via email. The earliest students can move in is August 11.

What belongings do you recommend I bring with me when I move in?

We recommend taking a look at our What to Bring and What to Leave Home page to find a list of essential items you should bring with you. This will list what comes with each dorm, items to consider bringing with you, and information regarding allowed appliances.

Where can I find some of the dimensions for my dorm?

The dimensions for our residential halls are now posted on our website. To access the dimensions to your dorm, visit our homepage and select Residence Hall Options. Then scroll down to your residential hall, select the hall, and click on the link under Room Dimensions. A PDF will then appear.

When can I start sending packages over to my dorm?

During the course of the summer, our front desks in the residential halls are closed. They will reopen the week prior to move in. This is when we can start accepting mail and packages. If a package is received before the desk opens, it will be sent back to the sender. To find the mailing address to your hall, visit our Mailing Address and Front Desk Contacts page.