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November 2022 FAQ

Can I stay in my dorm over fall break?

Yes, a form has been sent to student’s Boise State emails on November 1, 2022 in our monthly newsletter. If you plan on staying for the entirety of the break or for part of the break, please fill out the form. You can also fill out the form in case you need to stay for winter break.

I am staying on campus over fall break. Will there be food available?

All meal plans will be shut off during the week of fall break. Meal plans will be temporarily inactivated after dinner on Saturday, November 19. Meal plans will resume on Sunday, November 26 in time for lunch.

On campus food options will be closed over the holidays, however, students are able to stock up by visiting the food pantry here on campus. For additional information regarding the food pantries operating hours, please visit their website. If you would like more information regarding food options on campus during fall break, please contact Boise State Dining Services.

I need assistance getting to the airport for fall break, are there any shuttle services available?

There will be a shuttle service to the airport available to students on November 18, 2022 outside the Brady Garage. The shuttle will be making trips to the airport from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm. Shuttles will be leaving every hour and a half. To reserve a spot and for additional information, please visit the Department of Public Safety website. There is also additional information in your November 2022 Newsletter.

When does spring billing get posted to student accounts?

If you chose to pay in installments for the fall semester, the last payment is due on November 25, 2022. Spring billing will be posted to student accounts on December 1, 2022. The first payment, whether you choose to pay in installments or in full for the semester, is due by December 25, 2022.

If I’m not in the dorm during the month of December, do I need to pay for it?

Billing is by semester, not by month. At the beginning of the academic year, you can choose to either pay in full for the semester or break up the charge into five installments. There is no December rent that needs to be paid if you live in the residential halls. The first payment for the spring semester is due by December 25, 2022.

I am a new student and I applied for spring housing. When will I know if I have an assignment?

Assignments will be sent out to new students arriving to campus on December 1, 2022. Please note that due to limited spacing, housing is not guaranteed and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to place you in your requested hall.

When is the last day to cancel my spring application and get my down payment back?

The last day to cancel your Spring 2023 Application and receive your $100 down payment back is December 15, 2022. After that date, the down payment will be forfeited and there will be a $300 cancellation fee. Note that the $50 application fee is nonrefundable at any point. If you need to cancel your application and need directions, please visit our Cancel Application page.