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Room Change Requests

The closer we get to Move-In Day, the more difficult it is to accommodate room change requests. Preference for room change requests depends on room availability, the reason for the request, and the date the request is received.

Before the Semester Begins

  • You must already have a housing assignment
  • Submit via email your top 3 preferred housing options, including a detailed explanation why you are requesting a change. Send to
    • First-Year Students can only indicate preferences for residence halls designed for First-Year students
    • Sophomore and Above Students can only indicate preferences for suite and townhome living options
  • If there are multiple residents involved in a “room swap”, we must receive an email from each resident whose housing assignment is impacted
  • Once our staff receives your request, your name will be added to the waitlist of the residence halls, suites, and/or townhomes you listed as a preference. If space becomes available and we are able to move you, we will notify you via BroncoMail.

Room change requests will not be considered two weeks before or after the beginning of the semester. 

After the Semester Begins

Many roommate differences can be resolved through mediation where a resident assistant facilitates a conversation among roommates in order to develop mutual expectations. Often, this process eliminates the need for a room change.

If residence life staff decide a room change is necessary, you will need to meet with your resident director, who can help facilitate the process if space is available elsewhere.  Permission from the resident director is needed before a move can take place. The last day to request a room change request is March 22.

If your request is approved, you have 24 hours to complete the move:

  • Inventory the new room
  • Check-out of the old room
  • Exchange keys
  • Sign off on any necessary forms

Failure to follow the timeline and steps above may result in administrative charges and/or approval revoked.

Room changes made prior to written approval by the resident director will be considered an improper room change and subject to follow-up.  The first approved room change is free; subsequent approved requests will be assessed a $25 fee.