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Housing Rates

Academic Year Rates

Your housing costs depend on the type of room you are assigned and your chosen meal plan. The rates listed here are based on the full academic year, which begins in August and ends in May.

Rates for Academic Year 2022-2023

These prices do not include the meal plan, which is required for all First Year housing students.

 HallRoom TypeBathroom TypeRoom Cost
First-year HousingChaffee Hall A/B-WingsSingleCommunity$5,800
First-year HousingChaffee Hall A/B-WingsDoubleCommunity$4,300
First-year HousingChaffee Hall D-WingDoubleSuite$6,200
First-year HousingDriscoll HallSingleSuite$6,500
First-year HousingDriscoll HallDoubleSuite$5,300
First-year HousingMorrison HallSingleSuite$6,500
First-year HousingMorrison HallDoubleSuite$5,300
First-year HousingHonors College/Sawtooth HallDouble (2-bedroom)Suite$7,300
First-year HousingHonors College/Sawtooth HallSingle (2-bedroom)Suite$8,400
First-year HousingHonors College/Sawtooth HallSingle (4-bedroom)Suite$8,000
Sophomore and Above HousingHonors College/Sawtooth HallSingle (2-bedroom)Suite$9,100
Sophomore and Above HousingHonors College/Sawtooth HallSingle (4-bedroom)Suite$8,600
First-year HousingKeiser HallSingleSuite$8,300
First-year HousingKeiser HallDoubleSuite$7,000
First-year HousingTaylor HallSingleSuite$8,300
First-year HousingTaylor HallDoubleSuite$7,000
First-year HousingTowers HallDoubleSuite$5,000
Sophomore and Above HousingLincoln TownhomesSingleSuite$8,700
Sophomore and Above HousingLincoln TownhomesEfficiency SingleSuite$8,100
First-year HousingUniversity SquareSingleSuite$7,800
First-year HousingUniversity SquareDoubleSuite$6,700
First-year HousingUniversity SuitesSingleSuite$7,800
First-year HousingUniversity SuitesEfficiency SingleSuite$7,500
Sophomore and Above HousingUniversity SuitesSingleSuite$7,800
Sophomore and Above HousingUniversity SuitesEfficiency SingleSuite$7,500

Rates for Academic Year 2021-2022

Residence Type Room Type Bathroom Type Room CostMeal Plan*Academic Year Total
Chaffee A/B SingleCommunity$5,400$4,800$10,200
Chaffee A/B DoubleCommunity$4,100$4,800$8,900
Chaffee D DoubleSuite$5,800$4,800$10,600
Driscoll SingleSuite$6,000$4,800$10,800
Honors College and Sawtooth Hall Single (2 bedroom) Suite$8,093$4,800$12,893
Honors College and Sawtooth Hall Single (4 bedroom) Suite$7,723$4,800$12,523
Honors College and Sawtooth Hall Double (2 bedroom) Suite$7,084$4,800$11,884
Honors College and Sawtooth Hall - Sophomore and Above Single (2 bedroom) Suite$8,805$4,800 (Optional)
Honors College and Sawtooth Hall - Sophomore and Above Single (4 bedroom) Suite$8,313$4,800 (Optional) $13,113
KeiserDouble Suite$6,300$4,800$11,100
Lincoln TownhomesSingleSuite$7,900$4,800 (Optional)$12,700
Lincoln TownhomesSingle Efficiency Suite$7,300$4,800 (Optional)
University Square SingleSuite$7,100$4,800$11,900
University Square Double Suite$6,100$4,800$10,900
University Suites SingleSuite$7,100$4,800$11,900
University Suites Single Efficiency (~ 18 sq ft smaller than "Single") Suite$6,800$4,800$11,600
Towers Hall DoubleSuite$4,900$4,800$9,700

*All traditional-age first-year students living on campus are required to have a Weekly Meal Plan for the duration of their first academic year, regardless of their room assignment location.  For the purpose of this web page, the meal plan rate is for the Big Blue Plan, recommended as it is the best value for students. Meal plan prices shown do not include the 6% sales tax. 

Note: Residents staying less than 31 days (in a single stretch) are subject to Idaho Hotel/Lodging Taxes of 13%.

Payments and Billing