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College of Business and Economics

The College of Business and Economics Living Learning Community is a program for students living on campus with majors in the College of Business and Economics. Students study together, have fun together, volunteer together, and support each other through the twists and turns of the first-year college experience. Students will visit businesses, visit with business executives in-class, discuss business concepts, and work on projects with Boise State’s on-site Fortune 500 company, Aramark.

Why Should You Apply

Students say that the instant bond with dozens of like-minded students helps make their first year of college successful and fun. Parents like the high retention, academic success, and graduation rates.

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Community Events

We volunteer for community nonprofits, visit local companies, take an early fall whitewater rafting retreat together, and work on our own on-floor social activities.


The course curriculum traditionally involves two levels of activities:

  1. Visits with local executives, either at their workplaces or in our class
  2. Projects to improve the profitability of the activities of Aramark, the Fortune 500 campus food vendor. These projects are student designed and led and can explore management, finance, marketing, HR, supply chain management, accounting, or any other aspect of their operations on campus.

Faculty-in-Residence for the COBE LLC is in transition.