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Apply for a Living Learning Community

To be fully considered for a Living Learning Community (LLC), you will answer questions (#7+) within the housing application to indicate your interest and select the specific LLC on your Living Request preferences page.  Housing applications for 2022-2023 opened on March 15, 2022. First-year students must complete the Intent to Enroll in order to access the application.

As of Bronco Day (April 9, 2022), first-year spaces are limited; however, there may be space in our Living Learning Communities as they tend to be overlooked by students when applying for housing. If these communities appeal to you, follow these steps to update your housing application to be fully considered and increase your chances of living on campus next year.

Remember, there is a $65 per semester LLP fee that covers all of the adventures, connections, and learning you will enjoy as part of a Living Learning Community! The fee is not billed until just before each semester begins. 

Also, see our FAQs for more info.

Apply Now

Need to update your application?

  1. Log in to update your housing application HERE.  *Note: updating your housing application will not impact the time/date stamp of your original application.
  2. Find the 2022 Fall First Year (Fall 2022) – Completed under the “Housing Application” options on the left sidebar. 
  3. Select “Revist/Update This Application” and then Submit
  4. (You’ll then be prompted to review the Housing Agreement again…scroll to the bottom and re-sign.)
  5. On the next screen, select “Yes” on question #7 confirming that you are interested in the Living Learning Community
  6. Select “I agree” to question #7a confirming that you agree to the expectation for Living Learning Community students
  7. Write short responses to the two LLC short response questions (#7b and #7c) – faculty will be looking for complete sentences! 
  8. (You’ll then be on the page related to emergency contact info, which you can move through.)
  9. On your “Living Requests” page be sure to add or change the LLCs you are most interested in within your top two (2) preferences.
  10. Email and to let us know that your application has been updated to be considered for the LLC; we do not otherwise get automatic notifications about changes.