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Boise State People Strategy

In Boise State Human Resources we are always working towards Employee Engagement. Driven by our strategic plan, the Boise State People Strategy, we envision a work-life for all that is fulfilling for all Boise State employees.

What is a People Strategy?

It is a deliberate focus on an inclusive work culture where everyone is valued and one’s daily work has meaning and fulfillment.

How do you do that?

Simple: data and research. By evaluating the people data of our organization we are poised to make thoughtful and measured decisions to improve the lives of the Boise State workforce. Based on the results from our 2019 Listening Tour we have discovered the need to restructure our department to fully align with our vision of employee engagement and to respond to a rapidly changing workforce. We have identified three distinct employee experiences and have begun restructuring our department to focus on our customers (the employees of Boise State). These experiences are the Welcome Experience, the Growth Experience and the Farewell Experience.

People Strategy

Our Work Plan

Great Eight Projects

In order to deliver the best employee experience we have created a work plan that hones in on areas of improvement. As we work towards creating the best working experience for Boise State employees our work plan and progress will be updated based on eight specific projects we have identified and are hard at work on. Some of these projects will eventually end, others we will be continue to work on as an ever evolving goal to improve the lives of Boise State employees.

Listening Tour

In 2019 we kicked off the first ever campus listening tour.

A 36-question anonymous survey, geared toward discovering Boise State’s level of campus engagement was sent to all employees. In conjunction with the survey, Human Resources hosted focus groups aimed at discovering the elements that drive employee engagement in the workplace.

The survey was sent to 2,628 employees across campus. When the survey closed 1,364 employees responded, marking a 51% response rate. In addition, over 200 employees joined in live listening sessions.

As part of the survey, employees were given an opportunity to provide comments with respect to the areas they feel Boise State does well in, and the areas needing improvement. Human Resources is committed to using this data to work on initiatives focused on improving employee engagement.

2019 Listening Tour Results