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Boise State University People Strategy

Driven by the Boise State Strategic Plan, Human Resources works toward complete employee engagement. Our People Strategy is about creating an environment for, and a relationship with our employees that develops and enhances their capabilities to further the university’s mission and vision. 

People Strategy

Our Human Resources department envisions a work-life balance that is fulfilling for all employees. Our people strategy clearly defines who we want to be as an employer; it places employees at the forefront. 

Elements of the People Strategy

1. The Employee Experience

The Human Resources Department is built around the experiences that all employees have in the workplace and includes a Welcome Experience, a Growth Experience, and a Farewell Experience.

The Welcome Experience

In the Welcome Experience, we are focused on the employee from recruitment through onboarding. By starting new employees off with a positive experience, we have a better chance to retain talented, committed people who drive the university’s mission forward.

The Growth Experience  

In the Growth Experience, we are focused on the employee from hire through farewell. This includes projects and policies that touch on employee satisfaction, as well as initiatives to assist in employee development, participation, and wellbeing.

Farewell Experience

In the Farewell Experience, we focus on employees leaving the university. Our goal is to make an employee’s exit an experience that honors their time at Boise State.

2. Strong Leadership

When leaders are a source of confidence, inspiration, and motivation for their teams, employees rise to the level of expectation, work cohesively, and develop in areas aligned with university goals and strategies.

3. Focus on Employee Engagement

Employees who feel valued by the organization take pride in the success of the vision and mission. Employee engagement principles include transparency, recognition, and accountability.

4. Prioritize Learning and Development

Enhancing the skills and knowledge of our employees contributes to their overall experience. Providing and encouraging training and development for our employees to improve or teach new skills, is a cornerstone of our people strategy culture.

5. Advancement Opportunities

Career growth and a strong leadership pipeline are crucial to retaining quality employees for the long term. We want all of our employees to see themselves with a future at Boise State University.

6. Provide an Inclusive Environment

We believe everyone should feel respected and valued in the workplace, as well as acknowledged and accepted.  Strong collaboration and input from all team members put us on the path to a culture of innovation.

7. Employee Feedback 

Gathering employee feedback throughout their experience is vital to understanding different perspectives and obtaining fresh ideas to support our mission.   

8. Health and Wellbeing

Awareness and support for both physical and mental health contribute to employee performance and growth; it also creates a culture that functions at full potential.

People are our foundation. When team members feel heard and supported by leadership, they are more engaged with the purpose of the university and actively contribute to making Boise State the coolest place to work!