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Classified employees are paid on an hourly basis. In general, most classified positions are non-exempt under federal FLSA rules making them eligible for overtime. Classified positions also cover a variety of categories including: skilled crafts, service maintenance, clerical/secretarial, and technical/paraprofessional.

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Faculty positions are responsible for teaching, research, and community service.

Faculty positions may include the following (but not limited to): Professors, Instructors, Adjuncts, and Lecturers.

Professional Staff

Professional positions include administrative and professional (exempt) level positions, and are typically salaried positions.

Student Employees

Student employees are part-time employees enrolled in at least 6 credits (undergraduate) or 5 credits (graduate).

Student employees are typically paid on an hourly basis.

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New Employees

By joining the staff at Boise State University, you have become an important part of Idaho’s only metropolitan research university. There are a few administrative tasks that you will need to complete as a new employee, and we have included some helpful resources in this section to help get you started.

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