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Performance Evaluations

Performance evaluations are an important component of employee development and should be used to inform personnel actions such as promotion, transfer, demotion, retention, separation, as well as the affirmative certification for merit increases (including bonuses). For questions or additional information contact Human Resources at (208) 426-1616 or email


Tracking Employee Accomplishments Form

Employee’s Yearly Accomplishments (Google Doc)

Due Dates

  • Professional and Classified Staff evaluations are due March 1, 2024

Faculty Evaluations

Evaluation Forms

  • Please contact Human Resources at or (208) 426-1616 if you encounter any accessibility barriers, challenges or require the content in another format to fully access the information.
  • NOTE: Performance Evaluation PDF forms contain boxes that restrict the number of characters and do not expand. If you have more text than fits the box, please mark in the box “see second sheet” and provide a second sheet with additional comments. A word document is also available with expandable content boxes.



Signature Options for Remote Employees

If you are unable to print and sign your evaluation form, you may type “/s/” and then type your name in the signature line of the evaluation form.

For example /s/Buster Bronco. Electronic signatures are acceptable too.

Completed Evaluation

Email completed evaluations forms to

Rating Guide (Expanded Definitions)