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Standard Timelines for Faculty, Staff, and Administrative Faculty Evaluations

Deadlines for faculty evaluations:

  • February 1 for faculty to submit self-evaluations and complete activity reporting in Faculty 180 to the supervisor.
  • April 1 for supervisors to complete evaluations.
  • April 15 for faculty to acknowledge the evaluation in Faculty 180 (and for it to be available to the dean).

Deadlines for administrative faculty:

  • Annual evaluations of department chairs/heads/directors should be submitted by Deans after the deadline for receiving faculty feedback–April 1–and before the end of the fiscal year (July 31) (see Policy 4530).
  • Annual evaluations for assistant/associate deans should be submitted before the end of the fiscal year (July 31). Deans set the timeline and process for soliciting feedback from college personnel.
  • Annual evaluations for academic deans should be submitted according to the timeline and processes set forth in Policy 4520.
Annual Evaluation Materials

Annual Evaluation Materials for Supervisors

Faculty workload assignments must be documented in Faculty 180 during the annual evaluation process. Supervisors will enter each faculty member’s workload under “Activities/Workload” and discuss the allocations with the faculty member.

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