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Shared Leadership

Program Purpose

A cross-section of Boise State’s campus community provides Shared Leadership participants an opportunity to experience collaborating, networking, and partnering with people they might not otherwise meet. An exchange of new ideas and diverse leadership experience among participants and session leaders creates an equalized and safe atmosphere in which all points of view are considered valuable. Shared Leadership will strive to meet its program purpose, goals and objectives in each session.

Program Goal

By combining practical leadership tools with an in-depth view of the University’s processes, Shared Leadership will equip participants with the means necessary to make a significant contribution to the campus community and their individual departments.

Program Objectives

Shared Leadership will strive to:

  • Combine practical leadership tools with a corresponding campus/community activity or speaker in every session.
  • Provide participants a number of opportunities to take part as leaders, in either a real or hypothetical situation.
  • Foster an atmosphere of collaboration and enjoyment so that partnerships and networking opportunities may be established and an exchange of leadership experiences may take place.
  • Make available an opportunity for participants to learn leadership skills and styles from a mentor inside or outside the campus community.
  • Invest time, energy, and resources in the program so that participants will in turn commit themselves wholly in the second year of their two-year commitment.

Time Commitment

Shared Leadership’s expectation is a two-year commitment with minimal vacancy. The first year participants devote one day per month from September through May (excludes December) to take part in the Shared Leadership program. The second year, participants are responsible for designing and implementing the program for the following year’s participants. Participants involvement in Shared Leadership is considered training and development and should be supported as part of their regular working schedule.


Shared Leadership meets once per month during the months of September, October, November, January, February, March and April from 8:15am to 4:15pm. Room locations will vary. In the event of our current COVID protocols continuing into the fall, the program will shift to an online format and additional details will be shared at that time. Please contact Human Resources ( with any questions.

Shared Leadership 2023-2025 Application

Applications for 2023 have closed. If you have any questions about the program please contact Keith Quatraro at