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New Community Class coming up in April

Join us April 19th and 26th!

Birdsong is often the quintessential sign that the season of renewal has begun, but many of us only pay attention to it on a subconscious level.

This two-session course will dive into birdsong in depth, covering the history of birdsong in human culture, the anatomy that allows birds to sing, why they do it, and what they’re trying to say to each other.

We will explore examples of some of the world’s super-star songsters and learn about the broad variation in bird songs across the world. By learning to decode their vocalizations, we will discover how knowledge of birdsong can help us protect and conserve these musical gems.

Register ONCE per household. Your one-time registration of $30 covers both class sessions for you and your family.

Visit Eventbrite to register.