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Research is at the core of IBO’s mission. We work with partners throughout the Intermountain West to monitor and conserve breeding bird populations in six states (and counting!). Our three banding stations form the foundation for our migration monitoring work in Southwestern Idaho.

Long Term Monitoring

Research Stations

We have three research stations in Idaho where we do long-term monitoring work. These projects are open to the public, so be sure to come visit us soon.

Hummingbird Monitoring

Read More about Hummingbird Monitoring

Boise River Research Station

Read More about Boise River Research Station

Lucky Peak Research Station

Read More about Lucky Peak Research Station
Our Research

Featured Projects

We do bird monitoring work throughout the Intermountain West.

If this research sounds interesting to you, be sure to visit our jobs page to learn how you can work with us.

Do you need similar work done on a species in your region? Visit our professional services page to learn how you can partner with us on your next research or monitoring project.

View peer-reviewed research from these projects on our ResearchGate page

Anna's Hummingbirds

Idaho's Winter Hummingbird


Point Count Surveys

Hummingbird Monitoring

breeding season

Research Updates

IBO Station Closures to Continue
Curlews in the Rock Garden: A Tale of Two Nests
IBO to close public banding through June
Feeding Hummingbirds this Summer
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