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Summer Internship Opportunity: Boise State and CWI Students

Habitat Restoration and Monitoring Traineeships

Three Opportunities Available.

Internship open to Boise State and College of Western Idaho undergraduates with an interest in ecology, restoration, biology.

Program Description

The Intermountain Bird Observatory (IBO) is offering traineeships during the summer of 2022. The position begins immediately following finals week and ends in early August.

Traineeships will be available to undergraduate students from CWI and Boise State University who are interested in the biological sciences.

This student program seeks to evaluate, implement, and monitor restoration work focused on pollinators and songbirds in upland and riparian habitat along the Boise River.

Work will include:

1) Evaluation of previous restoration efforts: monitor survival of past plantings, organize existing plots.

2) Maintenance of existing plantings: watering, weed control, marking and maintaining plots.

3) Preparation of plots for this year’s planting: survey property, flag target areas, control weeds.

4) Community outreach: attend IBO public events (following any current covid university guidelines that are in place), lead informational tours, coordinate community-science and outreach, organize “Adopt-a-plot” community weeding volunteers.

5) Implementation of pollinator monitoring: survey for monarch butterflies, bees, and other pollinators using a variety of techniques and standardized protocols.

6)  Coordination of fall volunteer planting day in early October.

Internships will provide excellent opportunities to gain real-world experience in environmental science, ecology, conservation, management and collaborative partnerships. Students will assist with field work, data collection and data entry.  Participants will learn how to use field research techniques to conduct and monitor restoration work and biological monitoring.

Regular travel to the Intermountain Bird Observatory’s Boise River Research Station at the Diane Moore Nature Center in east Boise will be required.

Upon completion, students will have gained skills in biodiversity monitoring, habitat restoration, and public outreach. Students will participate in both monitoring and implementation, while learning how to communicate with the public. This collaborative project between Boise State University and College of Western Idaho will provide opportunities for CWI students to gain connections and experience that will facilitate transition to a 4-year degree program at Boise State University.

Position requirements:

Time Commitment: ~20 hours/week for ~11-12 weeks (250 total hours).
Time Management: Be able to commit to three approx. 8-hour days during the week to conduct field or lab work; along with other on-site or remote time commitments such as data entry, literature review, weekly lab meeting, etc.

  • Willingness to comply with any current university covid guidelines.
  • Students will attend at least 4 Intermountain Bird Observatory public outreach events in June or July. Dates TBD
  • Must have reliable transportation to the Diane Moore Nature Center
  • Be on time for scheduled working times, keep track of hours, and fulfill hour obligations
  • Follow directions and protocols to the best of your ability
  • Commit to assist with October fall volunteer planting day

Preferred Qualifications:

  • The ideal candidate has a developed understanding of biology and/or has a strong interest in environmental science, chemistry, biology or ecology and research.
  • Ability to apply scientific principles in unfamiliar contexts.
  • Must be a team player with a positive attitude and good organizational skills.
  • Responsible, strong work ethic, detail-oriented, a quick learner and self-motivated.
  • Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Be proficient in Microsoft Office, particularly Word and Excel.
  • Have experience and comfort with working in the outdoors in variable weather conditions, remote locations, and physically challenging activities.
  • Expressed interest in managing Idaho’s landscapes and ecosystem services.
  • Trainees must have the physical ability to lift and carry loads of 50lbs for short distances, and must be able to stand and kneel for extended periods while working on site.

The student will work ~ 250 hours and will receive a traineeship stipend not to exceed $3,000 in total.

Student can earn college credit or do traineeship without earning credit.

To apply, submit:

  1. Letter of interest explaining why you are interested in this position and how your training and/or education has prepared you for this position.  In your letter, please be sure to address the following questions:
    Why are you applying for this traineeship?
    What are your career goals?
    How do you think this traineeship will help you achieve your career goals?
    Why are you interested in environmental science?
    Do you have any other experience relevant to this traineeship that is not listed in your resume?
  2. Resume with your work and education experience, as well as any honors, professional licenses, or publications.
  3. Copy of full academic transcript (unofficial transcripts accepted).
  4. Email or phone contact for at least two professional references (e.g., prior supervisor or educator).

Applications must be received by April 15

Please submit completed application with all supporting materials in a single email with the Subject Line: “Boise River Traineeship” and the above documents to Heidi Ware Carlisle (