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Deceased: Unknown cause, Winter 2015-2016

Alpha Flag Code:


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Grand Teton National Park


We didn’t get a chance to name HY before she died.

a woman holds a curlew and sets it on the ground with green meadows and snowy mountains surrounding
Mary releases HY in Grand Teton. Mary Lohuis of Jackson is a key volunteer on many local wildlife projects and integral part of the Meg & Bert Raynes Wildlife Fund that helps support the curlew project.

HY bred in the beautiful Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. She spent her winter near the Colorado River Delta where the river runs into the Gulf of California. Her transmitter showed strange movement patterns in early 2016 and we later lost track of her. It appears that she may have died and her transmitter floated out to sea for a while before sinking to the bottom.

a map with a line that zig zags around a coastal bay before tracking out into blue ocean and stopping
HY’s transmitter floated out to sea before disappearing