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University Learning Outcomes Assessment

General Education Assessment Plan

The University Learning Outcomes (ULO) assessment plan informs course alignment, content, and pedagogy for undergraduate learners. The assessment model is a comprehensive 3-year cycle that begins with evidence collection and includes developing plans for change, supporting faculty and staff development, and reviewing progress. Continue reading about Boise State’s ULO Assessment Plan…

Assessment Reports

(all reports reference learning outcomes rubrics)


2014-2015 Disciplinary Lens in Literature and Humanities Assessment Report (ULO 10)

2014-15 Preliminary Oral Communication Assessment Report (ULO 2)


2015-16 Oral Communication Assessment Report (ULO 2)

2015-16 Library Skills Assessment Report (Critical Inquiry – ULO 3)

2015-16 Ethics and Diversity Assessment (ULO 5 & 6)