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CTL Workshops

Spring 2022 PAR/FDR Work Sessions

This spring the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), Institutional Effectiveness (IE), and University Foundations (UF) offices are partnering to provide work sessions for programs going through the Program Assessment and Foundations of the Discipline Reporting processes. These facilitated sessions will provide programs with dedicated time to work on their PAR and/or FDR reports, with support and guidance from CTL, IR and UF staff. Each session will provide time for general questions about the PAR and FDR reports, as well as dedicated break out rooms with guided curriculum so that each team can work on and get their questions answered about their reports. The sessions will be held on the following dates and times:

February 4, 9-10:15 AM – Aligning Course and Program Level Measures
Assessment of student learning happens at both the program and course level–and often is most effective when both approaches inform each other. This workshop will guide participants through a process of identifying course-level assessment methods that advance students’ achievement of their program’s learning outcomes (PLOs). Participants will use their program’s curriculum map to identify PLOs that are supported in a specific course, then explore methods that can be used to assess that kind of learning/skill. This work will not only support effective assessment at the course level but also allow programs to identify direct measures of student learning for program assessment purposes. This workshop will benefit anyone who is interested in creating assessments that align with course level outcomes, as well as those working on PAR and programmatic assessment.

March 4th, 9-10:15 AM – Looking Back to Look Forward: Finishing Foundations Assessment
A program’s Finishing Foundations (FF) course provides a clear opportunity to not only assess specific University Learning Outcomes (ULOs) but also student mastery of Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs). In addition, the reflection requirement allows students to look back on their experiences and forward to the future. In this workshop, we will explore ways to use FF assessment to meet multiple goals: assessing students’ metacognition, mastery of PLOs, and mastery of ULOs.  This session should be useful for faculty who teach FF courses, as well as those who are involved with a program’s PAR process, regardless of whether or not they are reporting this year.

April 1, 9-11:00 AM – PAR Work Session
This session will provide programs with dedicated time to work on their PAR and/or FDR reports, with support and guidance from CTL, IR and UF staff.

Making Exams More Transparent
The following CTL Workshops focus on the assessment of student learning, and therefore might also be of interest to faculty and staff who are responsible for program assessment:
February 22, 3-4:30 PM
February 28, 9-10:30 AM

Alternative Grading Frameworks
April 4, 10-11:30 AM

To register for any of these sessions, please go to the CTL’s online events system page.

Participation in the above workshops opportunities is not required, but may be helpful. In addition, Teresa Focarile is a faculty associate in the CTL who is available to work with groups or department on aspects of program learning outcomes assessment (e.g., writing or revising outcomes, curriculum mapping, etc.).