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2020 Winners

Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge 2020

Overall Winner + First Place in Health & Wellness

University of Idaho –  Tyber Dodson, Olivia Esser & Edward Hall

CatheterX’s mission is to design, test, and license a Multi-Channeled Spiral-Design Urinary Catheter that will significantly reduce infections and save thousands of lives each year while helping hospitals and healthcare clinics around the world substantially reduce costs. They have invented a catheter product that will provide a cost-effective and medically superior alternative for health professionals still relying on early-twentieth century product designs.

Dermcare Logo

President’s Award + Runner-up in Health & Wellness

Boise State University – Tobi Popoola

Dermcare is a marketplace for people to meet licensed medical doctors in Nigeria. Dermcare as a mobile/web app has instant messaging and video call features to facilitate real time communication between medical doctors and patients. Unlike other telehealth apps in Nigeria, Dermcare provides means for patients to pay their medical bills from their phones, thereby reducing the need for patients to be physically present in the hospital.

* Since competing in the 2020 IEC, Dermcare has rebranded to Liveldy.

Local Services

Boise State University –
Jill & Justin Bertelsen

Crib Coaching Logo

Crib Coaching helps daycares support families with children under 5. Crib Coaching provides in person training for required day care licensing as well as sleep coaching and potty-training online courses and consultations. Daycares pay a monthly fee to receive all their training requirements and differentiate themselves in the crowded day care market by offering Crib Coaching’s unique services to their parents.


Boise State University –
Robert Gillingham & Aaron Akins

Karmik Outdoors Logo

Karmik Outdoors is an outdoor gear recovery company. They will sell high quality, durable decals with QR codes and unique ID numbers on them. People can affix the decals to whatever outdoor gear they want. If they ever lose an item, a finder can scan the QR code or go to the Karmik Outdoors website and enter the unique ID. Karmik Outdoors’ mission is to ensure people’s outdoor gear is identifiable, and therefore, returnable.


Boise State University –
Phil Rowe & Nate Strong

Terroir AI Logo

Terroir A.I. /terˈwär/ helps farmers reduce the financial uncertainty that results from annual crop yield variation and crop loss from pest and disease. Unlike drones that can monitor crops that are visible from the sky, Terroir A.I.’s technology application and focus are on crops that grow below or behind visual obstructions, such as grapes that grow below a leafy canopy.


Local Services

  • Broke Bazaar (Idaho State University)
  • Simply Tax Solutions (Lewis-Clark State College)


  • Bed Wedge (Idaho State University)
  • Beach Fire LLC (Brigham Young University – Idaho)


  • Virtual Fence (University of Idaho)
  • Mindstream (Idaho State University)

Health & Wellness

  • BasisHealth (Boise State University)