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IFITS Mission and Vision


Create and nurture a vibrant inclusive community where all are actively engaged in the scholarly life of the university and the region. The institute increases access to, supports professional development in, and accelerates the impacts from transformative scholarship.


The institute accomplishes its mission through the following mechanisms:

  • Serving as the home of Office of Undergraduate Research at Boise State (OUR Boise State)
  • Facilitating the Aligning Stakeholders and Structures to Enable Research Transformation (ASSERT) faculty cohort program and offering other tailored support to established and developing scholars.
  • Working to increase representation and success for those who have been historically marginalized and minoritized in their discipline.
  • Acting as a change agent to ensure that the university’s structures, policies, and practices enable and facilitate inclusive transformative scholarship that can lead to authentic impact in the state, region, and beyond.


Become a model for inclusive and transformative scholarship.

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