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Grant Consultations

Grant Consultations

Explore some of our grant consultation and support services below.

Please note: when working with faculty on proposals for external funding, our policy is that advice is free; however, work costs money. We are happy to consult with you while you work on your proposal, however if you will be writing in work for us to carry out then that work must appear in your budget. Thanks for your understanding.

CAREER Grant Faculty Learning Community

Each year, we facilitate a faculty learning community dedicated to supporting faculty as they develop their National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) proposals.

If you are interested in joining this community, please contact the Institute for Inclusive & Transformative Scholarship (

Broader Impacts

Are you interested in exploring the broader impacts of your scholarship with youth or external partners?

Please contact the Institute for Inclusive & Transformative Scholarship (

Data Analysis and Support

Are you looking for data support from the Institute for Inclusive & Transformative Scholarship (IFITS)?

Please contact Jocelyn Cullers (

Course Pairs Reports

Standard course pairs reports pair the first passing attempt at selected prerequisite courses (PreCourses) with selected postrequisite or follow on courses (PostCourses).

Example pairing: MATH 170/Calc I may be paired with MATH 175/Calc II. The report can be used to answer questions such as “What percentage of students who receive a ‘C’ grade in the PreCourse pass their first attempt at the PostCourse?” or “Have PostCourse grades remained the same following a change in a PreCourse?

Data may be broken out by student demographics, majors, and course attributes.

Please contact Jocelyn Cullers ( to learn more.