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Assistant Clinical Professor - School of Public Service

Isaac Castellano


Isaac Castellano is an assistant clinical professor in Boise State University’s School of Public Service. He earned his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Kentucky in 2013, a Masters of Science in Conflict Resolution from Portland State University in 2004, and a Bachelor of Arts from Western Washington University in 2002. He worked for U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell in her Seattle District Office for three years during his graduate work.


His research examines the relationship between environmental scarcity and conflict, including water security, the role of militias and vigilantes, and the impact environmental issues have on U.S. Foreign Policy. His book, Water Scarcity in the American West: Unauthorized Water Use and the New Future of Water Accountability was published in 2019 by Palgrave McMillian. He is currently working on a book examining non-state actor securitization of natural resources.

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