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SSCP Scholars

SSCP Faculty Spotlights

Community-Serving Scholars

Learn more about Boise State’s community-serving scholars in action.

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Leslie Atkins

Professor, Curriculum, Instruction & Foundational Studies

Michele Carney

Professor, Curriculum, Instruction, and Foundational Studies

Isaac Castellano

Assistant Clinical Professor, School of Public Service

Stephen Crowley

Professor, Philosophy

Cynthia Curl

Associate Professor, Public Health

Jeremy Ford

Associate Professor, Early & Special Education

Vanessa Fry

Associate Research Professor, School of Public Service

Nancy Glenn

Professor, Geosciences

Kelly Hopping

Assistant Professor, Human-Environment Systems

Cheryl Jorcyk

Professor, Biological Sciences

Laura King

Associate Professor, Criminal Justice

Owen McDougal

Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Lisa Meierotto

Assistant Professor, School of Public Service

Peter Müllner

Distinguished Professor, Micron School of Materials Science & Engineering

Elizabeth Ramsey

Associate Professor, Albertsons Library

Bob Reinhardt

Associate Professor - History

Arthur Scarritt

Professor, Sociology

Jen Schneider

Professor, Public Policy & Administration

Rebecca Som Castellano

Professor, Sociology

Sarah Toevs

Professor, Community & Environmental Health

Don Winiecki

Professor, Organizational Performance & Workplace Learning